2021 Weekend Schedule: Full Schedule 2021 & Pricing

Schedule Notice:

In the interest of everyone's health and safety all programs are being evaluated as event dates get closer. Any updates or cancellations will be shown below.

1) Program 5.4 (Memorial Day Clogging weekend) has been cancelled.

2) Program 6.1 (Mainstream with Susan Morris and Stephen Cole) has been cancelled.

3) Program 6.2 (Advanced with Ray Brendzy and Randy and Marie Preskitt) has been cancelled.

The Wagon Master will be on site from mid May through mid September. Reservations can be made by calling 509-656-2353 or emailing

All reservations for 2020 programs will be rolled over to 2021. If you'd like a refund please email and confirm your current address and phone number. You will be contacted for the adjustment.

Thanks for your support. Please stay safe.